Corporate Affairs & ESG

VITTORE Partners also specializes in this market and provides a highly consultative job in the Corporate Affairs professionals search, in all aspects:

Government Relations

Brazil has gained more and more attention in the face of the world economic scenario, which reinforces the importance of companies’ business decisions and their relations with the government. The recent political events and corruption scandals in the country have indicated the need for better-prepared professionals for the field.

Relations with the Government (Executive and Legislative), Regulating Bodies and Class Entities, increasingly gain importance in companies that seek professionals capable of representing and defending their interests in a transparent, strategic, and effective way.


Another area of great importance and fundamental for building a positive reputation of any corporation. Be it internal or external; communication helps to convey corporate values, business strategies, and promote essential discussions for a given market. Also, it engages all Stakeholders of a company, since it guarantees a two-way dialogue between them.

They are professionals who come to promote the corporate discourse in a transparent, direct, and effective manner, generating visibility for the differentials of the company and its performance.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

With the growing awareness of society as a whole in environmental and social causes, it is imperative that a company be attentive and invest in projects that have an impact on the environment in which it is embedded.

Currently, the professional in this field is of great value to companies, since it is a topic that has been seen as a differential for consumers. When done strategically, it supports the construction of the corporate image and generates societal value, the environment, and the market. Therefore, understanding and correctly choosing the professional to manage the Sustainability and Social Responsibility area are crucial to ensure these projects’ success and the company’s sustainable growth.