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The word VITTORE is of Latin origin and means winner.

Winning is how we see the impact of good Executive Search consultancy work. The winner is the client who hires the candidate with values and skills ideal for their structure and is also the professional who finds, in our projects, the purpose, and environment needed to develop their career and leave their mark.

VITTORE is an executive search firm whose premise is the provision of services based on quality, in-depth market knowledge, personality, and transparency. VITTORE is specialized and led by professionals with substantial experience focused in Legal, Tax, Compliance & Corporate Affairs.


To be the eyes of our clients in the markets in which we operate, identifying the best professionals for each project; and offer opportunities that positively impact the professional development of our candidates.


To be one of the Latin American Executive Search references for Legal, Tax & Finance, Compliance, Data Privacy and Corporate Affairs & ESG, adding value to our clients, shareholders, and employees.


  • Complete client and candidate satisfaction;
  • Excellence with simplicity;
  • Proximity and personality in the provision of services;
  • Valorization and unconditional respect for all;
  • Transparency;
  • Long-term partnerships and relationships;

Value and


Our partners and associates are professionals with substantial experience and focus in the four areas of operation, understanding the needs of our clients, in depth, and providing greater assertiveness and speed in hiring, as well as total impartiality in the selection processes.

Advisory work:

Because of our concentrated expertise, we provide a clear and comprehensive view of the market, assisting our clients in defining profiles, designing structure, and creating attraction and retention policies.

Proximity and flexibility:

We develop a work close to the client, and we have total flexibility to provide personalized service to meet the specific needs of each project.

Ethics and transparency:

We are also responsible for developing the career of professionals and ethics, and transparency are our elementary principles during the selective processes. We believe that today’s candidates are our future customers.

Long-term partnerships and relationships:

We know the importance of Corporate Executive Search work. For us, without a long-term partnership with clients and professionals, there is no effective and successful outcome.

Projects and references:

We make a point of presenting the main projects conducted by our partners in each area, as well as making our professional reference contacts available.

Confidentiality and Secrecy:

We guarantee that all your company’s business information, data, and strategies shared with us will be treated in strict confidence.

Partners and Associates


Specialized Recruitment

Corporations and law firms are embedded in an increasingly complex, competitive, and challenging business environment.

In this context, professionals play a vital and strategic role. Therefore, we believe that attracting the right person to the ideal project is fundamental to the success and growth of organizations.

Considering this fact, and given the real difficulty in identifying qualified professionals in the market, the need for highly specialized recruitment is increasingly indispensable for corporations.

Through the specialization of our partners and associates and working knowledge in each of the performance markets, we have been able to provide our clients with a highly strategic vision in talent selection, bringing greater speed and assertiveness in hiring, as well as total impartiality in the selection processes.

In all our processes,
we use the following work
methodology and delivery:

Market research

Through structured mapping, we provide highly consultative market research about our areas of expertise, to assist our clients in identifying professionals, profiling and remuneration, creating attraction and retention policies, and viewing the feasibility of expansion of its business.


VITTORE has tools and technical partners to apply a complete Assessment, which identifies technical competencies and mainly behavioral skills of current or future employees, and also helps companies and offices in the implementation of career plans, succession, and internal hiring.

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