Work Methodology

  • Profile alignment: we deeply analyze our clients’ needs before we begin, helping to define the ideal profile of the professional within the reality of the market.
  • Research: We genuinely act as our clients’ eyes in the market, using not only the best search tools but mainly a network of relationships built with professionals in our areas of expertise, throughout all our years of performance.
  • Interviews: we evaluate the technical knowledge and behavioral profile during the interviews, aiming to identify professionals who align with the culture of the company and the manager.
  • Selection: our performance focuses on qualitative and assertive work. We only present the best-selected candidates in our search to clients.
  • Scheduling and feedback: We schedule all interviews between clients and candidates, ensuring their individual feedback throughout the process.
  • Proposal: we assist both parties at the time of the proposal, aiming to align the expectations of the company and the chosen professional.