In addition to being a leader in its markets, VITTORE is a consultancy that was born diverse (due to the characteristics of each of its founders) and has always completely defended diversity in society and, most of all, in the labor market.

In fact, since its inception, VITTORE has closely followed the diversity issue in the labor market and acted directly to transform reality in our five areas of activity, when we talk about leadership positions.

For this purpose, we decided to take the first step in the Brazilian recruitment market and, even though we do not work in early career positions, we created VITTORE ÔNIX.

Thus, VITTORE ÔNIX is a Pro Bono Recruitment and Training Program aiming to assist companies, free of charge, to identify, recruit, and empower professionals just starting their careers within our five areas of specialization, focusing on racial diversity!

The Program

The VITTORE ÔNIX Program is exclusively intended for:

Professionals in the Legal, Tax, Data Privacy, Anti-Corruption, and Governmental & Institutional Relations areas.

Men and women professionals at the beginning of their career – Lawyers, Junior Consultants, Junior Analysts.

Black and brown professional men and women.

Recruitment Premises

For the program to be meaningful and effective, the following premises are mandatory in recruitment:


The participating companies must have significant flexibility in the profile of the professionals to be hired, with regard to academic training, languages spoken, and in some cases, even technical knowledge.


VITTORE can discuss the profile of each position together with the companies (HRs and Requesters) so that together we can relax the requirements that normally make it impossible for black and brown candidates to participate in the selection processes.


The main focus in the search of these professionals is on their personal profile, capacity, and potential.

Search deadline, tools, and number of Pro Bono hires

  • Considering that VITTORE does not work in junior positions, there is no talent bank at this level, and due to the natural difficulty of identifying these professional profiles, the recruitment deadline for the Pro Bono project will deviate from the one VITTORE uses to recruit Executives.
  • A ideia é que o tempo de busca dos (as) profissionais seja acordado entre as partes, e sempre caso a caso, porém contemplando um prazo mínimo de 30 (trinta) dias úteis para entrega de uma lista final de candidatados (as) pré-aprovados (as).
  • For this to be a successful and long-lasting initiative (since one of the program’s objectives is to build its own talent bank over time), we will need to use all of VITTORE’s means and search tools and those of the companies and partners participating in the program.
  • Considering that VITTORE ÔNIX is a VITTORE Social Responsibility initiative, and a Pro Bono program, we will draw a limit of up to twelve (12) contracts per year and up to two (2) per partner company.
  • Furthermore, VITTORE can only commit to fulfilling two Pro Bono recruitment processes at the same time.
  • It is also important to emphasize that, as this is a Pro Bono program, there will be no replacement or guarantee for professionals in any position.

Companies that may participate in the project

Companies that are or have been VITTORE customers, as long as they have a diversity program.

Non-client companies, as long as they have relevant brands in their segments (national or multinational) and already have a robust diversity program.

Communication and dissemination

In addition to trying to help many Afro-descendant professionals to join and develop in large companies, this program also aims to positively impact the entire society and labor market and serve as an example for other similar actions to be created.

As such, all companies and partners participating in the project must authorize, with due alignment and participation of their marketing and communication departments, the full disclosure of their brands and logos in all the artwork the program will use.

Training and development of professionals in the VITTORE ÔNIX Program

For companies to be part of this initiative, they must already have internal training and development processes, to which professionals hired within the program must also be included.

In addition, and bearing in mind the primary objective of this initiative, all companies participating in the project will undertake to provide courses on technical subjects, languages, soft skills, mentoring, etc., for all candidates hired within the VITTORE ÔNIX Program.

When necessary and possible, the program will also provide assistance in the training and development of the contracted professionals.

Ex.: Look for discounts on courses, participation in specific institutes, networking, career counseling and mentoring, etc.

In addition to recruitment, VITTORE ÔNIX will aim to help with training (through career counseling) of black and brown professionals who are starting their careers and within our areas of expertise, regardless of whether there are places available within the program.

At first, this career counseling support will be given directly by the VITTORE and will be limited to a maximum of five (5) interviews with candidates per month.

For interested professionals to have this support, they just need to fulfill the prerequisites for participating in the program and send us an email (contato@vittoreonix.com.br) with an updated CV and information on their respective interests.

As this initiative gains strength, a career mentoring and counseling group will be created for these professionals, bringing executives from both companies and program partners, and from other organizations, institutes, or groups that want and can contribute (in some way), free of charge, to these candidates’ professional, personal, and psychological development.

Companies participating in the VITTORE ÔNIX Program

Partners engaged with the VITTORE ÔNIX Program

Helping future men and women leaders to build a more equal and diverse labor market in Brazil.

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