Raul graduated in Law from Universidade Paulista (2000) and has a graduate degree in Corporate Labor Law from Centro de Extensão Universitária (2004) and another in International Lobbying from George Washington University (2019). He started his career at Rhodia, a multinational company, as an intern in the legal department.

Afterward, he practiced law for seven years at Rocha e Barcellos Advogados, a renowned São Paulo law firm focusing on Labor Law for large pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

At the end of 2007, he was invited by a specialized recruitment multinational to join the team that started the Legal area in Brazil. Raul was part of the construction, structuring, and solidification of the division and was responsible for conducting several projects in the main areas of Law, assisting law firms, companies – national and multinational – and financial institutions in the search for professionals in the Brazilian legal market.

Already leading the division and having achieved recognition in the Legal market in Brazil, Raul expanded its expertise and also began to recruit to the Compliance and Government Affairs markets – two particular areas in the country and still with few qualified professionals. Raul Cury Neto speaks English, a language that he improved during his year in the United States to complete his studies at Arcadia University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).